Fiscal Year 2015 Request Budget

Below you'll find information on EERE's fiscal year 2015 Request budget. See also EERE's FY 2015 Congressional Budget Request and the series of April 2014 budget request webinars:

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* dollars in thousands

EERE FY 2015 Request Budget
EERE Area 2015 Request Budget
Fuel Cell Technologies 92,983
Bioenergy Technologies 253,200
Solar Energy Technologies 282,300
Wind Energy 115,000
Geothermal Technologies 61,500
Water Power 62,500
Vehicles Technologies 359,000
Building Technologies 211,700
Advanced Manufacturing 305,100
Federal Energy Management Program 36,200
Facilities and Infrastructure 56,000
Weatherization and Intergovernmental Activities * 304,700
Program Direction 160,000
Strategic Programs 21,779
Use of Prior Year Balances -5,213
EERE Total: 2,316,749
* WIP is comprised of 3 Programs, with statutory controls and funds appropriated under these areas. In FY 12, amounts were $68 million for the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), $50 million for the State Energy Program (SEP), and $10 million for the Tribal Energy Program (TEP). In FY 13, amounts were $68.4 million for WAP, $50.3 million for SEP, and $10 million for TEP. In FY 14, our budget request includes for WAP, $184 million, for SEP $57 million, and $7 million for TEP.

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