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Low-Cost, Lightweight Solar Concentrators

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory


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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is designing an optimized solar thermal collector structure using a lightweight collector structure capable of lowering structural costs, simplifying installation, and leading to mass-manufacturability.

The JPL project seeks to achieve the SunShot Initiative installed cost target of $75/square meter for a solar thermal collector system, as well as SunShot performance targets for optical errors, operations during windy conditions, and lifetime.

  • Design and develop a mirror module using an inexpensive reflective film bonded onto a lightweight structural rigid foam support
  • Design and develop a low-cost, non-traditional mirror-module support structure
  • Select low-cost drive components and associated control system
  • Design, integrate, and test a low-cost concentrator
  • Analyze the system's cost to demonstrate achieving the $75/square meter collector system target