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Steam Model

Using the Steam System Modeler watch tutorial view guide

Step 1: Generate a Base Model

There are 3 ways to generate a Base Model:

  • Manually enter specific steam system details [link]
  • Load an example [below]
  • Reload a previously downloaded model [link]

Step 2: Generate an Adjusted Model

A series of projects and system adjustments may be selected and combined with the Base Model to generate an Adjusted Model.

Step 3: Compare Base Model to Adjusted Model

A summary of Base Model vs Adjusted Model metrics will be generated once both a Base Model and Adjusted Model have been created.

A generated model may also be downloaded as an excel file and re-uploaded later.

Steam Modeler Examples

Click on any of the links below to load the example into the steam modeler:

Base Model Optional Adjusted Model
select below to only load Base Model select below to load Base Model with Adjusted Model
Random no Adjusted Model
SSAT Default 3 Header Model
SSAT Default 2 Header Model no Adjusted Model
SSAT Default 1 Header Model no Adjusted Model

Doesn't include steam leaks and trap leaks estimates, set SSAT to 0 (zero) traps and steam leaks.
Doesn't include Condensate Tank Vent or Blowdown Heat Exchangers.